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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about tickets, music or how to join the awesomeness that is Indeedy Musical Bingo? Here are a list of public ticketed and corporate FAQs that might help you out.

Whilst we’ve tried our best to foresee any questions you might have, if we’ve missed something feel free to get in touch at!



“I’ve just bought tickets to an event – will I receive tickets in the post?”            You won’t receive any paper tickets, we will send you an email confirmation and add your name to our guest list. When you arrive, simply give us your name and you can just shimmy right into the party!

“I forgot to write that I’m joining a group in the Notes section when I bought tickets, what do I do?” Email us at as soon as you can and tell us which party you’re joining so we can seat you with your friends. If you don’t tell us in advance we can’t guarantee that you’ll be able to sit together.

“I can’t make the show – can I get a refund?”                                                               Like theatre and gig tickets ours are non-refundable, though you may sell yours on our Facebook page if you like:

“I want to have my birthday party / leaving do / a large amount of people at Indeedy Musical Bingo. Can I do this?”                                                                       Of course – the more the merrier! You can book for up to 24 people through our website, and upgrade with our super awesome Birthday Boost. If you wanted something extra special you could always hire us privately and have Indeedy Bingo all to yourselves! Please email to discuss your options.

“I don’t know a lot about music – will I still have fun?”                                         Our music is eclectic, accessible and fun, and we have loads of different rounds. Even though it’s a game of chance, most popular music has the name of the song in the chorus anyway!

“What kind of music do you play / what rounds do you have?”                     We’re always making up new rounds, but here are a few of our classics:

Dance Anthems / ’80s / Drinking Songs / 00’s/ Musicals / ’90s / Rock Anthems / Love & Heartbreak / Animal Magic / ’70s / Yacht Rock / ’50s / Soul Classics / Numbers / Hip Hop / ’60s / Rainbow / Soundtracks / Motown and many more!

“I’m perpetually hungry – will I be able to eat at Indeedy Musical Bingo?”   You sure can – currently all of our venues serve food, but you may want to call ahead to the venue to double check.

“Can I pre-order food and drinks?”                                                                               Good idea amiga – we love forward planning! If you contact the venue they will be happy to do this for you.

“I’m shy – will I be heckled by the presenter?”                                                          Hell no, you’ll never be heckled – we operate in The Vortex Of Positivity!

“I’m thinking of bringing a date along to Indeedy Musical Bingo – is it a good place for romance?”                                                                                                   Totally – we get loads of first dates at our events. Not tooting our own horns but we’ve helped more than a few romances on their way! Love is always in the air at Indeedy Musical Bingo.

“I’m pregnant / teetotal – will I still have fun?”                                                     You sure will – we get loads of preggers ladies attending and there are always mocktails on hand.

“Indeedy Inc. looks so awesome! Can I come and work for you?”               If you think you’ve got sparkle and talent to bring to Indeedy Inc., send your CV to





“How much does it cost to hire you?”                                                                   There is no fixed price as every event is unique. Costs depend on a number of factors including the location and duration, plus the number of guests you’re expecting. Please email us at for a quote or an information pack.

What’s included in the price?                                                                                          The price usually includes the whole shebang: Presenter, DJ, Indeedy Musical Bingo game cards, pens, prizes, decoration, DJ booth and sound equipment.

“Do I find the venue or do you?”                                                                             Whilst we don’t find the venue for you we are more than happy to offer advice, and work with a select group of preferred venues that fit our events perfectly. Please contact us at to find out more.

“Can I have Indeedy Musical Bingo in my office?”                                                  For sure – we’d love to transform your office into an Indeedy inspired wonderland! We can discuss room sizes and layouts during the booking process – get in touch at to talk over your options.

“I’m having a house party – can I invite Indeedy Musical Bingo?”                    Heck yes! We’ve rocked plenty of house parties in our time, and would love to help you raise the roof at yours. We’ve got endless supplies of glittery goods to turn your home into a party palace, and loads of themed rounds to choose from! Just holla for more information

“Can we hire you for weddings?”                                                                               You sure can – we love weddings! Indeedy Musical Bingo works really well for multi-generational events, and we have so many themed rounds to choose from that you’ll be sure to keep everyone happy. We also offer DJing services for the evening party.

“Do you put on events outside of London / New York?”                                    Absolutely – we’ve we’ve done gigs in ancient castles, on top of New York sky scrapers, and in swish manor houses in Yorkshire. Get in touch at to discuss travel options. We’ve not accomplished world domination yet but we’re working on it.

“Do you put on events on space shuttles?”                                                              Not yet but watch this space! NASA/Richard Branson, if you’re reading – we’re open for offers.

“Do we hire you just as the entertainment or can you plan the entire event?”  Both! Sometimes we’re booked just for the Indeedy Musical Bingo show, and other times we’re asked to plan, source and style the entire event through our parent company Indeedy Inc – it completely depends on your needs.

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