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You’ve probably already heard us tell you how great Indeedy Musical Bingo is – but don’t take our word for it! Here’s a long list of love to show you what people think about our nights. We’ve handily split them into corporate testimonials and fan love letters for you.



Dr. Martens – Product Launch

“The planning ahead of the event went very smoothly, the Indeedy Inc. team are very attentive and accommodating. On the day it was simple and we, as a client, didn’t have anything to do. Jess and her team took care of everything from start to finish, everything was done within the time frame and as per the plan. We absolutely loved it and had a fantastic time. They’re very professional in their approach and fun to watch.”

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Facebook – a series of client entertainment events

“Got great feedback from the nights. A fun night was definitely had by all. Staff said that was the most fun they’d seen people have at a work event!”

“Thanks for a great night, lots of positive feedback from the agencies!”

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The Football Association – Christmas Party
“Indeedy Inc. took our party up a notch with its glittery glamour and good times. Jess  really got involved in our theme and tailored her look, stage and music to suit us  perfectly, which added greatly to the fun. A fabulous rockin’ time was had by all!”



John Lewis Partnership – a series of Christmas parties

“After contacting Indeedy Inc. it was a real pleasure to meet Jess. The planning and execution was first rate – very efficient from start to finish. The resulting event was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended, in fact they couldn’t stop talking about it for days, it left a real positive impression on everyone. Jess and her team were a pleasure to do business with and we would certainly not hesitate to use Indeedy Inc for future events.”

CitiBank – team-building event

“I’ve never seen so many colleagues (including senior managers) let go of their inhibitions at a company event! We all had so much fun.”



Bird & Bird – staff party
“I have no hesitation in recommending Jess and her team for corporate or private events. During the planning stage, Jess was really responsive and helpful, making the booking as easy as possible and considering every detail. I was impressed that they took the time to do a site visit and prepared an event itinerary for us in advance, which made us feel in safe hands. After the event, feedback from colleagues included that it was “probably the best team Christmas do I’ve been to” and a “spot on bash”.”


Kelly Hardman: “We ♡ u guys! We won’t leave without the banana! Xx”

Nerys Hamlett: “3rd prize… and what a prize!!! I was soooooooooooooooo excited!!! I had my [Indeedy] Musical Bingo virginity taken last night in style… I will definitely be doing that again! Thank you Jess Indeedy for a fandabidozie night!”

Chris McLaughlin: “London is lucky to have such a fun event available to them.”

Luisa Scott: “First [Indeedy] Musical Bingo, now I Love Lists, oh my god it’s like you climbed into my head and had a party with my mind then forced it to sleep with you and now will never leave! I’m turning into an Indeedy groupie and proud!”

Seán Roberts: “Loud and silly!”

The Village Hall (Wilderness & Secret Garden party festivals): “A new highlight at this years Village Hall was the incredible Indeedy Musical Bingo… We love dem guys.”

Lynn Huynh: “YESSSS. I may not have won any bingo rounds, but I did win the Indeedy Musical Bingo dance-off for a round of shots. And that is a success in my book. #pantsoffdanceoff #willdanceforbooze”

Sophie Adams: “Another fantastic night ! Thank you!”

Billy Tusker: “Karaoke at Lucky Voice was great fun! Thanks Jess! Xx”

Ted Gray: “Fantabulous night out at [Indeedy] Musical Bingo with Jess Indeedy. Thanks!”

Emma Davies: “At [Indeedy] Musical Bingo with Jess Indeedy… It’s true #itsthemostwonderfultimeoftheyeaaaaarrrr”fans 1

Jennifer Smith: “[Indeedy] Musical Bingo rocks! Team Areen wants to win the blow up banana! Or parrot will do…’

Margarita Rodriguez: “Loving it already and it’s only the first round! :)”

Melanie Mc: “Awesome night last night, thank you! Possibly a bad idea before a parents evening but never mind.”

Josie Ferguson: “Thanks for a fantastic night!! Can’t believe I won champagne. So happy! x”

Néstor Gutiérrez: “I have seen them before at Primo Bar and they are FAB!”

Rebecca Pate @rpate: “Numbers are dull- enhance your bingo experience with music. You’ll love it.”

Tricia Woolston @TriciaWoolston: “[Indeedy} @MusicalBingo made me laugh and dance in my seat so much today! Fun family times. Got so close to winning a toaster!”

Yannick Pucci @ypldn: “It was a memorable evening and I hope to join you soon again for more mischief! ;)”

Laura Porter @aboutlondon: “Indeedy @MusicalBingo is recommended for a great night of music and fun… What a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon!”

Rebecca McVeigh @BecksMcVeigh: “The best way to spend a #Sunday afternoon [Indeedy] @musicalbingo #shoreditchhouse .. So close to the prize!!”

fan 2Fleur Frou Frou @fleurhoare: “I had a great time & can’t wait to come to more musical bingo!”

Jen Holmes @superfox_jen: “[Indeedy] @MusicalBingo Fantastic night at Musical Bingo! Thanks for an amazing 1st night in London!!!”

Coastal Sparkle @coastalsparkle: “Check out [Indeedy] @MusicalBingo while you are in London!  Big, huge fun! @jessindeedy rocks it out!”

Polly Jackman @jackmaninoff: “THRILLED with my big win tonight – £10 of free pick & mix. Thank you [Indeedy] @MusicalBingo & @DrinkShopDo We had a super brilliant evening as always.”

Anouszka and Kush @anouszkaandkush: “Thanks to the fabulous ladies at [Indeedy] @MusicalBingo for a hilarious night …thanks for having us! We have so much love for you guys & you’ll definitely be seeing us again soon!

Suz Hu @suzhu: Fun #TeamBuilding night for @RosenblattSols‘ trainees & mentors: prizes won at [Indeedy] @MusicalBingo & karaoke @LuckyVoice!”

Rosalind Angier @rozangier: “[Indeedy] @MusicalBingo great night out …amazing prizes. Love ya… It was BIG FUN ! 😙🙆💚💜 xxxx”

Nicole Taylor @Nic_a_million: “[Indeedy] @MusicalBingo it was a great night! Roll on the Christmas special!!!”

Clumsy @clumsypup: “[Indeedy] @MusicalBingo might be the best thing ever… Scratch that, @MusicalBingo IS the best night ever. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!”

Katy Goodrich @katmigo: We love you [Indeedy] @MusicalBingo – over a year and a half later and we only love you more! … We love [Indeedy] @MusicalBingo!!”

Dan McKissock @djmck30: “[Indeedy] @MusicalBingo we had a great time last night, my wife’s obsessed with you! (the lady who wanted to make a speech when she won the shark!)”

Hannah K @Hannahwtglasses: Very excited for [Indeedy] @MusicalBingo tonight…I’ve got my eye on that giant banana…it will BE MINE.”

Sara Brady @Devonsara: “[Indeedy] @MusicalBingo was so much fun last night. Too much fun judging by all our hangovers!”

Ben Wilson @benwilsondesign: Had much fun [Indeedy] @MusicalBingo this evening. I’m how heading home with a giant inflatable banana in tow. Awesome stuff.”

PicMonkey Collage nOWSean Roberts @sk_roberts: Excellent weekend @latitudefest courtesy of [Indeedy] @MusicalBingo #latitude2014

Sarah Ryan @sarah_ryan_: Another cracking night at [Indeedy] Musical Bingo and this time I won something!”

Alissa Marr @Lis409: “If you’re not at [Indeedy] @MusicalBingo you’re missing out!”

Gem Curtis @Gem_Curtis: Fun night out at [Indeedy] @musicalbingo with @Sara_Broadbent.. this is when shazam or @Poppyscribble would come in useful!!”

Sheena @sheenarino: Another fab night with [Indeedy] @MusicalBingo Friday night in beautiful Westminster!!”

Charlie Brown @ziggy_brown: Thank you to the gorgeous @jessindeedy for an awesome night of [Indeedy] @MusicalBingo @harrycapps @PeterDID & I love our banana”

Ruth Porteous @ruthporteous: Fun night out at [Indeedy] @MusicalBingo – and I now own a giant inflatable parrot!!!! #result

Kyla MacDonald @KylaMacdonald1: Musical bingo is the best thing I have ever done! [Indeedy] @musicalbingo @indeedyinc it’s fab! xoxo

Becky Lees @BeckyLees2: Proud of my sis winning the grand prize at [Indeedy] @MusicalBingo – more karaoke @luckyvoice! And thanks for my Bingo-tini, it was delish!”

Brooke McGregor @BrookeCarrie88: [Indeedy] Musical bingo is a blast @MusicalBingo

Erin Hunter @ErinEHunter:Great toe-tappin night with @bronactitley at [Indeedy] @MusicalBingo. Broke out some #hiphop moves to win a bottle of prosecco in the grand finale.

Robyn Jankel @RobynJankel: We didn’t get the apron but we did get the parrot!!!! (Oh, & the karaoke kit). WE LOVE U JESS INDEEDY!!”

If you’ve been to one of our gigs and want to show us some appreciation, we’d love to hear from you! Just get in touch at

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